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Welcome Home Poet! 

People, Not Points. That's our philosophy. We are a community of poets, artists, creators and fans who come together to build and grow the legendary poetry scene that ABQ has come to be known for over the last 200 years. As a community we host several ongoing poetry slams, open mics and special events, and strive to bring touring artists into the scene so we can all learn from one another. 


But we are more than just poetry hosts. We also strive to engage our community in service and volunteerism because we believe in the role of the servant leader, and we believe artists and organizers have a special role in giving back to the community that lets them raise their voice and speak. If you would like to invite our community to participate in a community event or volunteer activity, visit our contact page!


If you are interested in participating in a reading, attending an event, featuring at one of our shows, or contacting some of our poets, please feel free to reach out and say hello! We love hearing from you!


Confused by all the slam jargon? Check out this handy NPS Glossary

Want more info on what slam is and how it works? Check out the PSi website here - 

Check out our galleries for pics

from the events we host!



Your very first Slam of Enchantment team has been selected and you can find out more about them HERE! We are very proud of them and excited for the national Poetry Slam!


But getting them there will take your support, so please consider a donation to the team to help them register for, and travel to, the national poetry event to represent Albuquerque! You will also get an amazing book from Swimming With Elephants Publications, LLC in return for your support! Make your donation to the GoFundMe campaign by visiting the link below, and thank you!







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